Kathrin Böhm - EU-UK.info

I have been living and working in the UK as a European citizen and non-British born artist for almost 20 years, and have always experienced a distinct openness and politeness which I think the UK is rightly proud of.

Kathrin Böhm is a London-based artist with a long-standing interest in the collaborative making and expanding of public spaces through collective production, 1:1 action and trade. Kathrin is a founding member of the international artist group Myvillages and the London-based art and architecture collective Public Works. 

Current and recent projects include Trade Show (co-curated with Gavin Wade) for Eastside Projects in Birmingham, Myvillages' two year long International Village Show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig, Brand News in collaboration with An Endless Supply for Radar, Loughborough and Böhm is the leading artist on the Company: Movements, Deals and Drinks project in east London which received the 2014 Create Art Award.

She is running monthly Haystacks talks and is currently co-organising the EU-UK campaign.