Mustafa Hulusi


The work has its origins in the post-colonial Middle Eastern liberation struggles of the 1970's. I have superimposed the ideal of democracy and its connection with two subjects; environmental genocide and military-backed neo-liberal model of consumer-capitalism. This can be described as Western society's addiction to a banal materialism without asking more profound spiritual questions.

 I was thinking about the relationship of 'democratic representation' and how the use of state violence in its imposition, both domestically and internationally.

The once benevolent nationalist dictatorships are violently overthrown to impose neo-liberal 'market economies' and 'democracies'. I'm thinking Iraq, Syria, Libya. This model dates back to Pinochet's military overthrow of Allende democratic government of Chile in 1973. Today we have the superficial reversal – violent imposition of the right kind of democracy.

The EU vote is paradoxical – people think they can vote out globalization and return to an imagined epoch of job security and of an ethnically homogenous community. On the other hand, the sole reason offered as to why people should vote to stay in is selfish - to retain private property value.

If we as artists with our very modest means can help people ask more deeper questions about the structure within which we exist then we maybe able open up the possibility opening a different horizon of thought - to the both the external and the internal world.

Hulusi graduated from Fine Art and Critical Studies at Goldsmiths College, and has a master’s degree from the Royal College of Art.

In 2007, Hulusi represented Cyprus at the 52nd International Exhibition of Contemporary Art of La Biennale di Venezia.